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The Larry King Team

The process of selling a home begins with your call to us. The Larry King Team will successfully guide you from the signing of the Listing Agreement to closing.
There are many steps involved in the sale of your home and our highly trained associates will make sure all the details of the sale are followed.


We will meet with you to determine the appropriate price and how to best prepare your home for market. The Larry King Team will advise on how to prepare your home for sale. Areas we will advise on include touch-up painting, reducing clutter, landscaping, and general repairs. We are professionals in our field and will have recommendations on items that will increase the presentation and marketability of your home.


We will outline our marketing program for your home. Our plan will include newspaper advertising; internet advertising, email campaigns, fax campaigns, open houses or whatever our customers feel will have the best results.


Your home will be placed in MLS so that other agents will know that your home is ready to be shown to other prospective buyers.


Once your home is in MLS we will place a For Sale sign in the yard and begin showings. How a home is shown is up to the seller and the Larry King Team. A clean and tidy house is always recommended.


The Larry King Team will promptly notify you of any and all offers on your home. Most offers come with a fairly quick response time so it is important that you and your agent meet to discuss the merits of any particular offer.

Keep in mind that there is more to an acceptable offer than just price. Other major issues that your agent will be looking for are the buyers' financial qualifications, the closing date, other real estate that might have to be sold in order for a buyer to purchase your home, inspection addendum, and any other provisions that might not be favorable to the seller.


Home Inspection
The Larry King Team will help guide you through the home inspection process. This is a critical time in any sale and your agent will help you understand what your responsibility to repair from an inspection is and what is not.


After the contract is signed off by all parties and the home inspection is completed there is still much work to be done. The Larry King Team will stay updated on the process of the buyers' loan, make sure all parties to the contract have copies of all paperwork, and keep you informed of problems that may occur.


The Larry King Team agents know that selling a home and getting it successfully closed are two separate issues. The process isn't complete until your home is sold and you are happy.

Larry King Realty

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